What our agents are saying about NP Dodge...

Scott Lawrence, 148Dodge


 "I’ve been selling real estate for nearly 23 years and made the switch to NP Dodge 15 years ago due to the family oriented atmosphere. I previously worked 60+ hours a week for 20-years in the corporate world and decided to start my own real estate business under the NP Dodge name. I now have the freedom to work when I want, giving me more quality time with my own family. I also chose NP Dodge because they have 10 offices throughout the metro area. If I'm with a client in Iowa, Blair, Elkhorn, Midtown or Sarpy county, I love the fact that I'm just minutes away from an office with everything I need."


Kim Bills, Sarpy County


 “Providing the all-around best and most meaningful real estate experience to my clients is the driving force behind what I do. Every day, I know I am backed by an industry-leading organization with the same goal. NP Dodge empowers me to be innovative and set new standards. They have shown me there is no limit to my success and I pass that same philosophy on to my clients by showing them there is no limit to how memorable their entire real estate experience should be!”


Mike Story, 35Dodge


 “I took the exam and got my license intending to sell real estate part-time while focusing on my other career. Soon after, I was laid off and forced to make a decision between pursuing a new full-time career or going into real estate full-time. I chose real estate and have never regretted the decision. NP Dodge provided structure, tools and training which helped me succeed. This support has helped me to create a thriving real estate business, at the same time allowing for more flexibility and family time than a 9-5 office job!”


Tommy Boatright, Council Bluffs


  “Buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction, it’s a life-changing experience. By leading the field in research, innovation, and education, NP Dodge empowers me to be a trusted resource for my clients. Choosing to partner with NP Dodge was one of the best business decisions I've ever made."


Dawn Grimshaw, 204Dodge


  “NP Dodge is a trusted name. They’ve been in business since 1855 and is still family owned. As an agent I love how we change with the market quickly since decisions are made on a local level. NP Dodge is innovative and always coming up with new tools, technology and marketing to help my team do a better job. I also appreciate the office locations across town that I can work from or use to meet my clients. I can’t think of a better company to have my name associated with."


Kristin Brown, 108Dodge


  “There is a very thin line between being good and being great at what you do. NP Dodge invests all necessary resources that give me the opportunity to be great. They spare no expense at making sure we have the most up to date technology, social media, continuing education, and marketing. I’m proud to be an NP Dodge agent. I love walking into appointments with a sense of pride knowing that I have the NP Dodge family behind me. Hanging your real estate license on a broker’s wall shouldn’t be a formality, it’s a commitment that neither I nor NP Dodge take lightly."


Julie Shafer, 129Dodge


  “I have been in real estate for almost 10 years. For 9 of those years I worked in new construction only. When choosing a brokerage to come to I knew my only choice was NP Dodge. I have realized through my years that there was no other company that compares to the training and atmosphere of NP Dodge. The managers, staff and agents are there for you with questions, concerns or just a word of encouragement. In today’s times of real estate, it helps knowing that I have a company that is behind me every step of the way.” 

Brenda McCaul, 148Dodge


  When I received my Realtor license I lived very close to 2 Real Estate officesI never even made it to the other office because I immediately felt at home at the NP Dodge. The admin people and managing brokers are 2ND to none in my opinion. They are always ready and willing to help in any way they can. My managing broker will even answer her phone on the weekends to help with any questions or problems which is a huge deal because in this business every minute counts when your putting contracts together. NP Dodge also gives back to the community by way of the Dodge Cares program. This program gives agents the opportunity to donate to anyone of 19 community programs and then NP Dodge matches your contribution. I'm very pleased with every aspect of being a Realtor with NP Dodge.


Dave Blusys, 204Dodge


  “NP Dodge offers new agents a great deal of opportunity. There are opportunities in new construction, as well as a dynamic existing market. Few real estate companies in the metro area can offer all of these: well-recognized advertising support, relocation services, duty time opportunities, new construction, formal training, land services and more. The environment is friendly, cooperative, honest and professional.”


Lynn Aarhus, Sarpy


  "NP Dodge has given us all the opportuninty to learn how to adapt our business with the newest tools/trends and to increase our knowledge with continuing education. No matter how long a realtor has been in the business, there is always something new to learn everyday. Thank you!"

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